Saturday, 9 April 2016

H is for Hysh, Order of the Wise

Hysh is the White Wind, mastered by the Hierophants of the Order of the Wise.

Of the eight winds of Magick, Hysh is the most difficult wind to master. It is the closest wind to High Magick practiced by the Elves, Qhaysh. Where Dhar and Chaos are darkness, Hysh is light.

The amount of study and the complex rituals Journeyman and Magisters undergo and memorize allows them to bend and bind the wind in some of the most powerful spells available against corruption and darkness. It also makes Hierophants the most philosophical and contemplative of all the Orders.

Apprentices of the order form choirs during training that act as aid to magisters in spellcasting, study of the rituals, and purification of the Order's pristine campus in Altdorf. Some apprentices may never leave the choirs if they cannot master the mental strength necessary to manipulate the wind, instead serve the college and its goals in perpetuity. 

Many of these apprentices come from annual efforts of the Order "adopting" orphans that show any magical ability. The Order is also often the "easiest" to join, accepting those passed over by other Orders. Whether these Apprentices show the discipline to master Hysh or not, the choirs remain singing.

Martially, the Order is highly effective in the exorcism and destruction of daemons. As Hysh is also an aspect of purity, magisters are capable of powerful healing of corruption and mutation.

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