Friday, 8 April 2016

G is for Ghyran, Agrological Thaumaturgy

Ghyran, the Green Wind of Magick, is the source of the magisters of the Empire that practice the Lore of Life, "Soil Magic," or more academically, the practice of Agrological Thaumaturgy by the Jade Wizards.

It is said that Ghyran flows and pools like water after a hard rain and can be seen in all life of the earth. Drawn into the soil and then through the roots of all plant life. It can be seen in the rivers and streams of the Empire as well as flowing across the land following no pattern of nature.

The Jade Wizards and the establishment of their College in Altdorf begins in the call sent by Emperor Magnus the Pious in his fight against Chaos over 300 years ago. The High Elves that taught these first magisters found in the practitioners of the Old Faith, Elementalists of Water and Earth, even the Cunning Men of "the hedge" a population most ready to master Ghyran. The idea of "druid" is often ascribed to a Jade Wizard by many because of the origins and they readily accept it, if not completely correct.

Today, Jade Wizards ensure the healthy crops of the Empire and martially provide for the armies food as well as spells capable of swallowing armies or entangling hordes of beasts with choking vines that spring from the roots of trees and grass. But Jade Wizards also ensure and maintain the hedges of the Empire and leylines that manage the flow of Ghyran for the Empire's farmers.

Jade Wizards are aligned with the Cults of Taal and Rhya, the gods of nature, and the Amber Shamans.

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