Thursday, 7 April 2016

F is for Fire Rubies

Like the Amethyst Wizards, the Bright Wizards of the Lore of Fire, create power stones called Fire Rubies. Fire Rubies are made in single use forges crafted during a private ritual. The result is a bright stone the lit by burning coals. The stones are hot to hold and can warm a tent in Chaos Wastes in a matter of minutes when openly exposed.

The three most powerful spells of the Lore of Fire—one that many a veteran could testify too—are Aqshy's Aegis, Breathe Fire, and Conflagration of Doom. The amount of skill and study for these (and similar spells of the other Orders) is great, often only possibly by Magisters and Lords of each order. Apprentices aided by a Fire Ruby can wield these spells in battle, in a pinch.

Like the powerful spells of Shyish, these spells also "echo" on the Aethyr. Use of powerful spells are not lightly taken by any Order. Not just because they can be so destructive, but because an error in casting can summon daemons attracted to the wind in use.

In a few days, we will look at the Lore of Light's Lumen Stones and the three most powerful spells of the Order of Light.

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