Wednesday, 6 April 2016

E is for Endstones

Every College of Magic has a ritual that manifests its "wind of Magick" into a physical object known as a power stone.

The magisters of the Amethyst College craft Endstones, power stones that typically vary in color, but most are found to appear as highly polished bone or a black so pitch as to seemingly darken a day lit room.

Like all power stones, Endstones are carefully produced under strict adherence of closely guarded ritual, but serve a singular purpose: act as a store of the very energy of Magick used to create it. The Endstone serves as a reagent to spellcasting the most powerful of Shyish's Lore of Death and Spirit.

Whether The Animus Imprisoned, Life's End, or Wind of Death, an Endstone can assure the successful casting. These are not trivial spells to cast and the power required to cast them "echoes" on the Aethyr. These echoes can be felt by other Amethyst Wizards. Because these spells can bind souls or kill instantly, trivial use of them, even without an Endstone, is not tolerated by the Order.

And because an Endstone, like all powerstones, are consumed with the casting, they are rare and expensive.

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