Tuesday, 5 April 2016

D is for Dhar

The nature of magic has two opposites. If the Winds of Magic—and winds is a human notion trying to explain High Elven understanding of the nature of Magick—are a spectrum with Qhaysh on one end representing the Winds in harmony, then Dhar is at the opposite end representing the Winds in discordance.

However, Dhar is an easy "wind" to master and often a shortcut to powerful spell casting. The ease of manipulating Dhar however comes at a great cost. The first is that Dhar must be combined with another wind to be useful outside of Necromancy and Daemonology. And Dhar is fickle. One use may not be like the last use and this often leads to magisters going insane or dropping dead. But there are a rare few that become more attuned to using Dhar. These magisters are known as Black Magisters.

Black Magisters are ostracized from their orders and often are hunted to ground and death by fire. Often, when they are found, Black Magisters have already descended into darker arts as they attempt further master Dhar. 

Use of Dhar is incredibly hard to hide as many magisters are taught from the very beginning to "see" the Winds of Magic. One Golden Wizard might perceive another Golden Wizard use Charmon with Dhar as a darker thread of Magick coalescing in his palm before becoming more powerful lightening bolts capable of striking an enemy dead. Black Magisters have to be very careful in using Dhar because it can be so easily "seen."

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