Monday, 4 April 2016

C is for Chamon, Alchemical Thaumaturgy

The practitioners of Alchemical Thaumaturgy are the Golden Wizards, masters of the Yellow Wind, Chamon. The apprentices, journeymen, and magisters are part of the wealthiest college of magic and one of the most diverse as well.

The wealth of the Golden Order is not as the common people suspect: crackpot alchemists, handpicked by the elven mages, cracking the code of converting a base metal to gold. While "True Transformation" is still sought and a stated goal of the Golden Order, its application remains impossible. And while the transient transformation of base metals to gold is possible, the act is publicly prosecuted by the Order's leadership because it is fraud.

The Order's wealth is far more mundane in origin: the alchemists of the Order produce potions, dyes, gunpower, refined ore, spirits, and even beer of such quality and quantity that merchants pay the best prices for them, often for a 1% or 2% profit in trading guilds across the Empire. And given the cost and need for reagents in the Order's regular wizardry, the wealth is needed.

The Order's Lore of Metal is both academic and martial. In the battlefields of the Empire against the hordes of Chaos, Golden Wizards transform the armor and weapons of the enemy to lead or rust. Weapons crafted by Golden Wizards are of such quality—and often inscribed with powerful runes and enchanted for accuracy—only the most esteemed generals and the Emperor himself can own them.

Academically, the Order houses one of the greatest libraries of the world and is closely aligned with the Cult of Verena, the goddess of Knowledge and Justice. Mundane alchemists that still adhere to the notion of the four base elements dismiss the studies of the Golden Wizards, especially the recent notion that the Golden Wizards have identified over 90 unique elements of the mundane world.

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