Saturday, 2 April 2016

B is for the Brown Wind (Ghur) and the Shamans of Amber Magic

Of the eight winds of Magick, Ghur, or the Brown Wind, is as wild as the natural world that feeds it. The practitioners are often mistaken for woodsmen, hermits, cunning men, Druids—though the wizards of the Jade College may take issue with that mistake—or even priests of Taal or Rhya.

And of all the colleges, the shamans of Ghur, do not live and study in Altdorf. They are more likely to be found studying in the Reikwald, or Great Forest, that surrounds Altdorf. A shaman's appearance does no favor to aid in approaching one intentionally or by accident by most citizenry of the Empire at large: often covered in fetishes of animal origins, furs, bones and smells of the forest. It is this appearance that will have an Amber Wizard mistaken for outlawed druids of the "Old Faith" or worse, the witches and warlocks of the Hedge, practitioners of wild magic and often called Cunning Men. Add their reclusive, separatist study, these officially sanctioned wizards of the Empire must often prove themselves to the Templars of Sigmar, the Witch Hunters.

The Amber Wizards are fierce defenders of the Empire. In many of the distant outposts of the Emperor, commanders ally with Amber Wizards and understand intimately how to call these powerful shamans for counsel or battle. The shaman's often use their commune with nature to speak to birds for scouting and the hidden animals of the wild to alert armies of enemy movements.

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