Friday, 1 April 2016

A is for Asqhy, Pyromantic Thaumaturgy

The practitioners of the Bright Order weave the Red Wind of Magic. In the language of Magick, Asqhy, or more academically, Pyromantic Thaumaturgy, this wind is can be quite destructive.

Bright Wizards master flame, from the candle to conflagration. This fact alone answers the question—if one is even considered—as to the reason these men and women are found on the front lines of battlefields throughout the Empire. Whether wading through ranks of goblins with a flaming sword or conjuring a whirlwind of fire that consumes siege engines, the martial value of these wizards is immediately recognized.

Gregarious and short of temper, Bright Wizards study both magic and combat in their college. The college is magically hidden among the haunted embers and lingering smoke of a fire that burned a large section of Altdorf many years ago. The cause of this fire remains whispered gossip among the citizenry and even the magisters of other the other colleges.

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