Monday, 21 March 2016

A to Z Challenge 2016 Theme

I'm going to be back at it for 2016.

2015 ended a bit rough for me. My brother passed after a war with cancer and I didn't return to my blog for some time. No one probably noticed. Long periods often go by on ACD where nothing gets posted.


As every year before, Warhammer Fantasy Role Play is the theme. Each year had a sub-theme of sorts and this year I think it might have a bit of magical feel. I will visit  each school and color of magic of the Old World.

Is this short fiction?

Sort of.

I often fall back to describing WFRP with the iconic game of Dungeons & Dragons to find a common reference point. Role playing games, RPGs for short, are steeped in friendships—RPGs are foremost social games—creativity, and story telling. Many games set out to provide a setting and allow players to shape that setting in play. Often settings are presented as a fixed point in time with general ideas of world shaping political events, e.g., war (or the threat of war) or a rising evil, and the players interact in this setting changing that fix point in time, for good… mostly.

All of this setting creativity is bound by "system." Being a game and being that its main mechanic is limited only by the imagination of its players, a RPG must apply rules to introduce "friction" to the what might otherwise become who at the table first says, "I am all-powerful! My wish is your command. I am rich, handsome, and loved. I win!" Not only is that the opposite of fun, it is boring. The system is typically adjudicated by a referee, game master, or "dungeon master." The referee frames the stories and plots. So setting and system meets player creativity and impartial, hopefully, judge. 

Warhammer Fantasy Role Play is set in a 16th century Germanic-Authurian-Fantasy-Medieval world where magic is mastered by Elves and toyed with by Humans, Dwarves, and evil powers.

We'll take a journey looking at the schools of magic and possibly have a few short stories thrown in to round it all out. Buckle in.

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