Monday, 12 October 2015

Gygax Magazine is looking pretty cool

I have long been an advocate that most games are malleable and can be hammered like gold into your favorite system. I often go to my origins of Basic D&D and AD&D for material in my WFRP games.

Gygax Magazine, from TSR Games, is now into its sixth issue with a cover by Jim Holloway, an artist that masters a form of subtle humor that made him famous—if only to me—for his covers and interior work on Paranoia and Car Wars.

I can tell I'm going to like this magazine for it calls back to the print issues of Dragon and Dungeon, and the strong OSR focus. DriveThruRPG has all the PDFs and there are print options if your FLGS carries them.
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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Open Call for Fan-Supported Estalia Sourcebook

If nothing, this blog is a conduit for all things Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, especially 2e.

Steve Darlington, a.k.a. Steve Dee (G+) recently posted to the WFRP 2e Refugees Community on G+1. Steve "co-wrote several Warhammer books including the Ennie-Award winning Children of the Horned Rat, Night's Dark Masters and Realm of the Ice Queen."

Steve was working on sourcebooks that aimed to close the gap left by the Green Ronin/Black Library shakeup, including Estalia and Tilea sourcebooks. Unfortunately, health problems intervened and as health problems are I'll let Steve tell the story he is best suited to tell. Go read the post in the community2.

But in short, Steve has made an open call to the WFRP 2e fan-base:

"Now, at last, I am healthy enough to go back to the Estalia project. Too much time has past for me to build on it in a significant way. I don't have the system mastery to add the rules we're missing. I don't have the time or inclination to make it as massive as we dreamed. But I still very much believe the contributors deserve their work to be shown. So my goal is to take everything I have, edit it, polish it, link it all together and put it into a Word file, and then into a PDF.
Liber Fanatica no longer seems to be updated, so I'll then just host it on my webpage with my other WFRP stuff.

"As the project progresses, there may be space and capability for people to help out, as Andrea Maurizio just asked me about. I don't know about that yet, because I'm still sifting through the ashes. I definitely have no layout or Indesign skills; I definitely will need art/stock pictures to make it look less dull. Got something that can definitely go in with no work like a monster or some fiction or a career? Send it on over. But I don't have time to workshop anything, so I can't guarantee everything you send me will go in the book.
But I'm throwing this out there to just let you know that it has begun again, and maybe you can help."

This sounds awesome. Steve's pedigree and work is fantastic. His contributions listed above stand as testament his view of the canon of WFRP post-Storm of Chaos (and before the reset of 3e and the current direction of the End Times).

If you're interested, comment here and join the community!

  1. [1] What?! You're not on G+? Not a member of the WFRP 2e Refugees community? Get thee to Google and join the massively vibrant community of role players of all stripes and persuasions on G+. NOW. The Emperor demands it, the Church of Sigmar politely insists, even.

  2. [2] Warhammer: The Guide To Estalia - An Open Call

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