Thursday, 24 September 2015

Z is for Robert, my brother and American hero

Here is Z.

Dedicated to my brother, Robert1.

My brother was a hero. The kind of American hero you remember from the greatest generation. He lived his life's dream as an oral surgeon. In the Army he served all over the world and his middle name honored his grandfather: a US submarine captain in WWII that sunk 14 Japanese ships in the Pacific.

Robert served in South Korea, Honduras (during Hurricane Mitch) and Afghanistan,

In Afghanistan he did the work the MSM would never report. He was one of the heroic, compassionate, adventurous, and brave soldier-healers treating nationals for injuries not always suffered at the hands of the Taliban, but often by proxy from the Russians. Millions of mines left by the Russians that still kill and maim Afghans every day. Simple salvaging, subsistence farming, or just playing in the open is a risk of life or limb. If my brother was not rebuilding the jaw of a 10 year old boy—removed from a rock thrown by an exploding Russian mine, a mine that took the leg of another boy—from a bone graft from the boy's hip, he may have been removing a grapefruit size tumor the breast of a teenage girl, because the Taliban killed all the doctors, artists, and teachers. Or even trying to keep an Afghan father alive from wounds to horrific to describe here (from a Russian mine). 

He fought and beat many battles with the cancer that finally took him from the world. And he died peacefully with his parents near him.

He was a Christian. A Golfer. A Step-Father. An Uncle. And Larger than Life.

His funeral was a testament to those he touched and those that miss him still. A hundred or more friends traveled across the country to a small Georgia church to honor his life. And more friends stayed up til well past midnight to remember his larger than life humor and practical joking.

He will be interred in Arlington with his grandfather—a WWII Marine that served in Guadalcanal—and his grandmother.

  1. [1] Robert passed shortly after the end of A-to-Z, but his condition suddenly and rapidly deteriorated in the last week. I was just too distracted to finish. Then I had to rebuild my server to perform long overdue security updates. I really just got around to making it functional.

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