Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Day 18. First gaming convention you ever attended.

It must have been Atlanta Fantasy Fair '87 or '88 in downtown Atlanta, GA at the Omni.

1988 would have been the year I transferred to North Georgia College, the Senior Military College of Georgia (and co-ed before co-ed military colleges were "progressive" or "forced"—NGC is now UNG for anyone tracking history, name changes and other ephemera). So it must have been the summer of 1987 and I was working for Dragonware Hobbies. 1988 would have been the last year that I went as a employee of Dragonware, being that I would have been in Dahlonega, GA.

'88, '89 and '90 are all years I went as an independent and '90 was the year I GM'd in the first round of the Shadowrun Tournament. It was a great con that went the way of most cons into the new millennium: dying on the vine of competition. DragonCon survives today, but mostly as a cosplay con.

Good times. Good times. 

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