Thursday, 13 February 2014

Day 13. First miniature(s) you used for D&D.

The great thing about working for Dragonware Hobbies was the awesome collection of Citadel Miniature blister packs, Ral Partha collections, and Grenadier boxed sets. Double awesome points: employee discounts.

I already cited my first PC mini for the Valiant of Mayaheine 8th level cleric in the Temple of Elemental Evil campaign in Greyhawk. C01 Fighter by Citadel.

I also had several Grenadier sets that I used in play. The Frost Giants (the female giant I later painted for a girlfriend in college). The Giant Mummy by Grenadier too. I know I had the Giant Ninja as well.

Sadly I don't have any of these pieces any more. The girlfriend is a friend on Facebook. Maybe she still has the model. She used it as a ring hanger for a while.

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