Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Day 4. First dragon you slew (or some other powerful monster)

I have read that Tracy Hickman wrote DragonLance to correct—possibly only a perceived wrong—that there were never any dragons in D&D. Amazingly, as I look back on my early years playing D&D, I think he might be right.

I have never slain a dragon. The biggest baddie I've faced in D&D was a Dracolisk in the Temple of Elemental Evil campaign run at Dragonware Hobbies. I'll likely be returning to this campaign more in the blog hop because it was one of those formative campaigns in my long history with RPGs, not just D&D. 

I helped slay the beast with several other players and recall making a number of saves in some dramatic rolls as only a 6th level Cleric! When WotC released the PDF of ToEE it was an immediate buy. And writing this I went back to practically relive that campaign nigh 30 years old.

Funny thing about the Earth Burrows of the ToEE, two Black Dragons! were residents. We never encountered them. If this was by DM fiat, I don't know; the stat block does not make them out to be particularly formidable. 

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