Monday, 3 February 2014

WFRP A to Z 2014

I just signed up for Blogging A to Z 2014. 26 entries about WFRP.

This will be my fourth year and I'm already combing my bookshelf and online resources for each day's topic. I'm currently leaning toward something wholly unique and personal for 2014: my Warhammer Fantasy Role Play campaigns. The player characters, the NPCs, the locations, and the canon I have built in my games.

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Day 3. First dungeon you explored as a PC or ran as a DM.

The first dungeon I explored was Castle Mistamere as player and GM. As a player, know this was probably that point in my dive into the hobby where it was likely a solo run with an anonymous Baron von Badass fighter (one could probably trace my "always the GM" background to these early years). 

I ran Castle Mistamere for my circle of growing friends in the Newton County Library in downtown Covington (the same library that most of North America would later know as the entrance to the Sparta Police Station in the TV series In the Heat of the Night and a location that I would routinely be securing as Assistant Location Manager to the production company)

It was around this same time I was being introduced to AD&D and collecting the core books. By this time I was also subscribing to Dragon, Dungeon, and White Dwarf magazines (the first being two magazines, not one, in case that needed be said). I was also running lesser known dungeons and wilderness adventures around this time from the magazines and learning how to edit and change them as the crowd of munchkins I was running with (save one or two still very close friends) would routinely show up with characters designed to beat anything published. Meta-gaming may not have even been a thing, and if it was, acknowledging meta-gaming was too hippie to be considered anything other than being a loser. Some of my friends sought to beat any dungeons put in front of them, and meta-gaming by any means went to bizarre and, literally, criminal levels.

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