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February D&D Blog Hop Challenge

It usually takes something like a truth, a dare, or a challenge to get me to blog, and I love blogging. I read blogs everyday and comment. I maintain an engine that runs them (and eat the dog food). But I really post to my own blog.

So when I started hearing the whispers of d20darkages D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge, I signed up and punched GO.

I'm queuing up the 28 questions about my first experiences with D&D and the first question and answer will land shortly.

It's a departure to be sure from my Warhammer Fantasy Role Play centric writing, but D&D was my gateway RPG game.

If you want to read my award-winning WFRP work, be sure to check out the 2011, 2012, and 2013 Blogging A-to-Z WFRP posts in April of the respective years (linked for your convenience). 2014 will be no different as I try to "dig deeper into WFRP" in April, so stay tuned!

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Day 1. First person who introduced you to D&D? Which edition? Your first Character?

I'm fairly certain an event and a thing, not friends, made me aware of D&D.

The first is a memory I have from a weekend camp where I overheard, and probably watched, several 7th (and 8th) graders playing D&D. The thing I probably seeded my parents on my interest was the Sears WishBook. Both of these things I'm pretty sure mean that I was seeing BECMI on the shelves.

My parents, and I, are Christians, so I'm fairly certain too that they were aware of the buzz surrounding D&D. So my first RPG was DragonRaid (which I'm certain my mother had everything to do with as my father and I regularly played Chess and numerous Avalon Hill games, including Tactics II, Panzer Leader, Squad Leader, and Rise of the Third Reich. Tactics II was a game I took to military college and Panzer Leader was one I built from scratch using internet templates in the last five years!). DragonRaid, if you are not familiar with it, is a Christian/discipleship RPG. Wikipedia has a fairly neutral review, but you can still find it for sale online as well. I recall its main mechanic to be mostly built on Protestant catechisms, but I recuse myself from further judgement, because soon even Christian RPGs were anathema to my mother.

I'll probably blog a little more about this period later (yes, there is a question in this challenge for this topic as well).

And thus my first edition of D&D was the Mentzer Red Box with iconic Elmore cover. And this Red Box was one I hid from my parents in the room I was sharing a bunk bed with one of my brothers. It also means that my first character was probably a fighter. Later I turned almost exclusively to clerics and rangers in both D&D and AD&D.

I don't remember any of these characters names and I know that things rapidly progressed from there as my circle of friends soon had me playing lots of games and by my first year in college I was working at a nascent FLGS in Conyers, GA.

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