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The 2013 Blogging A-to-Z Collection

As last year, here is the Complete 2013 WFRP Blogging A to Z collection as a single PDF. The PDF includes all the posts and the NPCs.

Download WFRP Blogging A to Z 2013

I don't remember who gave me the idea, but I'm pretty sure I got it from a blog in the RPG Blog Alliance before I somehow got dropped from the rolls. Since RPGBA has some pretty crappy support channels--yeah yeah all volunteer, I get it, but then don't advertise your twitter account for support questions--I'm still not back on the roll. Maybe I'll pursue relisting soon.

Until then, don't forget you can always subscribe to the RSS feed to got all my current and previous attachments. There's even some old actual plays on that feed.

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2013 Blogging A-to-Z Retrospective

Another Caffeinated Day entered into the 2013 Blogging from A to Z challenge excited about the milestone, three years! Each year presented challenges, though for 2013 the greatest was just plain old discipline.

My biggest challenge in 2011 was wrapping my head around the ideas and focusing on a coherent topic. For 2012 it was scheduling. Each year's challenges welcome and the topic, Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, something that engaged me and my readers.

This year I hit the challenge running with a topic that I hope Warhammer fans could also take with them in the form of deeper fiction and NPCs, Non-Player Characters, for games they may be playing. And getting the NPCs out the door each day mid challenge became more difficult with each day due to daily demands of life.

Daily demands aside I can say that I never missed a EDT Midnight deadline--GMT doesn't count!

2013 also marks another milestone: introducing fans of Warhammer to more WFRP voices. JMT and Roger's A Life Full of Adventure and Mark's A Song of Middenheim expanded their audiences and introduced new and exciting Warhammer perspectives and fiction.

Each year finding a coherent topic focus with entries that start with the known Latin alphabet--no pedantics please!--is itself a challenge. It's my goal to rise to that challenge each year.

Til 2014...

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