Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Z is for Zuvassin the Undoer

Thoughout the Old World one may hear tales of miraculous healing of abominable mutations attributed to the goddess Shallya, news of a large cult of Tzeetch the Changer of Ways being destroyed by a righteous and pious Witch Hunter, or even diaries of insane wretches claiming to have been slaves to rats that walk on two legs in which tales of incredible plans collapsing upon execution.

Those that study the worship, strictures and rituals of the renegade gods whisper that Zuvassin the Undoer is behind it all. Zuvassin is a devious god of Chaos. 

These learned men, especially those that study the rat men known as Skaven believe that Zuvassin is so devious a power, seeking to waylay all worshippers, that the The Great Horned One, the father of all Skaven, is Zuvassin, undoing every grand scheme of the rat men in a long harbored grudge against the foul beasts.

And yet his worship is proscribed by all for his boon is the undoing of good or evil, naught a preference given or asked. The forbidden writings of countless academics--the ones not burned--speak of a hatred for Zuvassin by the Ruinous Gods themselves, save the twisted alliances that oft arise in the bitter infighting for souls by Khorne, Slaanesh, Tzeentch or Nurgle.

Zuvassin the Undoer is untrustworthy in any worship and never refuses a willing thrall. Yet any worshipper is a fool to enter into a bargain with Zuvassin as he is one that seeks to undo all in destructive reversal of desire.

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