Monday, 29 April 2013

Y is for Yeoman, Simo Goubert

It is known that the life of a peasant throughout Bretonnia is barely more than a slave. None may own weapons or build with stone. Property is such that it is often taxed so heavily that it is often better to do without. When it is possible to escape this life, even for brief moments in troop musters for their liege, young men often seek adventure or just a regular ration.

The liege is often watching--well, the liege has charges that watch for him--for talent in the peasant fodders that he fields in combat. Simo Goubert is such a warrior talent.

Mustered as a peasant man-at-arms for what became a long winter campaign against the Greenskins in the Irrana Mountains, Simo distinguished himself in witness by his liege. Standing alone in the wreckage of peasants that was hastily built dirt wall on the flank of embattled front, he picked up a two-handed broadsword from the hands of a dead knight and waded into the line of Iron Orcs in front of him. The orcs fell like timbers as Simo's found sword swung through the legs and guts of orc after orc charging the earthenwork he stood atop. His action delayed the orcs for the precious few minutes his liege needed to organize his lance calvary behind him.

Simo's act was immediately rewarded. He was given a mount, permitted to keep the sword of the knight (at the insistence of the deceased knight's squire who witnessed the Simo's act), and put on his liege's war retinue. His new task: ride far afield and scout the terrain for camp or battle.

His steed and sword however promise Simo something greater than serving his liege until he is dead, freedom. Simo often looks on the foothills of the Irrana Mountains riding far from any chase. It would only be a matter of just not turning back to camp. Ride until he reaches the mountains and then seek a pass to Tilea.

The simple plans are always more likely to succeed.

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