Saturday, 27 April 2013

X is for Xoanon of Taal and Rhya

Few know of the Xoanon of Taal and Rhya. Those that know of the pair of ancient oaks grown in an intertwined, disturbingly human, mating embrace are the same that know of and protect it.

Those few are the highest ranking of the Horned Hunters, Taal's zealots. Horned Hunters must pass an initiation right that will, in survival, lead them to the grove of the Xoanon. Here the initiate will pledge to the austere life of the hunters in an eight night ritual that an objective observer might find to be nothing more than a naked, hedonistic orgy serving, not Taal and Rhya, but the ruinous god of pleasure and excess, Slaanesh.

The Xoanon is only a rumor, denied by the Cult of Taal, as well as by the Cult of Rhya. No one outside of the Horned Hunters know of the great oaks location and only those Horned Hunters that have survived the initiation know of it in truth and experience.

The rumors of the Xoanon and its rituals are circulated in Talabecland and Talabheim, more often only in whispers. Not blostering its legitimacy is that these whispers are often spoken by members of Slaanesh cultists seeking a new hedonistic experience on the path to corruption. 

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