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R is for Runebearer, Kaztok Darinson

Kaztok takes the Runebearer oath, The message is my life, very seriously and has the scars to prove it.

Born in the gold mines of Kazad Gorl1 in the Grey Mountains he grew up steeped in rune lore. His father instilled in Kaztok a great pride in the language of the dwarven people and the importance of clan, race, and survival. These traits sown would be reaped as greenskins in the Grey Mountains would bring a constant struggle of fighting and to the small khazids2 of the mountains.

Kaztok is known to many manlings of the Empire as "Dusty," for his perpetually scree filled boots and dust filled beard--and oil cloth cloak. Some also know him as "Hairy Darin," especially in Osburg. The former by most in Helmgart, the latter mostly is an affection for his hairless pate and face (though he still sports a powerful beard). Kaztok must often travel overland, stopping in ale houses of Helmgart and Osburg, depending on the safest route south over the Axe Bite Pass, to quench a thirst (and eat) to deliver news to Karak Norn and other settlements.

His mostly hairless features are the result of an explosion, ironically of his own making, in an underground tunnel once linking northern and southern dwarven clans of the Grey Mountains. Kaztok lost not only his hair, but the tunnel too. However, to hear him tell it over a pint, he also killed a clan leader and two score of night goblins and their squigs3 too. And he still delivered the messages in his charge.

As a runebearer his life is one of constant travel to keep the lines of communication open and his regrets none of it, especially when he can deliver the messages in his lieges along with news of the Empire, the occasional Bretonnian rumor or sighting of Knights Errant returning from the Storm of Chaos, or just a note that the humans still can't make good beer, just drinkable beer. He is often only resting for a day before turning around with new messages written in the runic script of the dwarves. His ears are always listening for new rumors in taverns and for the gutter speech of the greenskins in the mountain tunnels still used in the Grey Mountains.

  1. [1] The Yellow Fortress, named such for the rich veins of gold found in the deep mines

  2. [2] settlement

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