Friday, 19 April 2013

Q is for The Quinsberry Lodge, Alfred Hempfire, Tradesman and Steward, Kirchham, Stirland

Kirchham is a small border town of Stirland and Wissenland on the Nuln Road. Kirchham is a farming community with numerous sheep farmers herding in the rolling hills of the Stirhügel.

Kirchham is small, but the trade coming though it allows it to play host to the part trade union, part advocacy group and part halfling pride and community center of the Quinsberry Lodge.

Alfred Hempfire stepped into the position as the steward for the lodge when Stirland nationals killed the previous steward. As it turned out it could not have happened at a better time, Pie Week celebrations in Sauerapfel in the Moot.

As a master pastry cook he was able to rally the Halflings to push aside the murder of the previous Quinsberry Lodge leader to celebrate all the good things that the Halfling culture gives the community. The celebrations renewed the community ties and enriched large numbers of halfling businesses, especially his own bakery.

Today Alfred's Pipe Weed Brownies, baked with a sweet weed grown on the lodge grounds and often smoked in the Lodge's den by many guild members, is enjoyed throughout the region. The brownies travel to Nuln and Wörden on coaches that travel the Nuln road and very popular with the Tilean cooks in Kemperbad.

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