Thursday, 18 April 2013

P is for Penitent, Keterlind Lechardt, Warrior Cult of Myrmidia

Keterlind Lechardt is a force for Myrmidia, the warrior goddess. Yet she is paying a penitence for her failings in the Storm of Chaos, or failings as she sees them in the honoring the strictures of Bellona Myrmidia and the cult.

As Archaon's armies neared Middenheim as the final lines of battle were prepared, her unit meet a large force of Norsemen raiding a small village. In the charge and clash of force that quickly dissolved into chaos. Keterlind was a whirlwind of death. Norsemen fell before her sword and against the brute force of her shield. Then she hesitated.

A young Norse boy, feral, dirty and holding an axe looked up at her, the bloody horror of the fight in his face. She couldn't strike looking at the terror in the boy's eyes. Behind her, Keterlind's commander yelled a command to strike. Keterlind's hesitation ended in black, struck from her flank, she collapsed.

Waking hours later on the field amid death and covered in the debris of battle Keterlind assessed her survival. On the ground was the body of the boy, split from shoulder to groin by a sword. She could not tell if the boy died with the same look of terror she recalled, the boy's face was destroyed by boot, shield, or hammer.

In those few minutes of awaking she understood her dishonor of the strictures: disobeying her commander and showing mercy, if brief, to the enemies of humanity and servants of the ruinous powers. Keterlind dropped to her knees and vowed to meet her end gloriously in service to Myrmidia and strict interpretation of the Bellona Myrmidia tenants. 

She can be found today in the forward pickets meeting the remnants of Archaon in Kislev. Her fierce faith is bolstered by the dented and cut shoulder armor that probably saved her life at Middenheim. The armor's dent is pierced and the jagged hole cuts into a deep scar that bleeds when she enters a fight. The pain reminding her of her failure, her vow, and her ultimate goal: death in glorious battle against the ruinous powers. 

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