Wednesday, 17 April 2013

O is for Outrider, Ditl Mohrfurt

Ditl Mohrfurt is a handsome young man from a farming family in Tanndern, Averland. His father passed when his was 12, but was fond of telling the patriarchs of the scattered farms on the rolling plains north of Wuppertal: "Born under the Two Bullocks! He may not be a craftsman, but that boy will sow his seed and wander far from his mother bosom, as sure as Siggurd!"

True to his father's fortune, he would find himself in trouble with Elsbeth, the young daughter of Burgher Holz in Tanndem. Ditl would break two hearts the night he stole away on the burgher's second prized stallion: his mother's and Elsbeth.

Today, Ditl rides The Old Dwarf Road for Wörden Coaches. An exceptional rider, outdoorsman, scout and when in coaching inns, far from Averheim--where the off chance of encountering Burgher Holz would have him in chains--a bit of a heartbreaker to many barmaids and excitable maidens traveling with oppressive guardians.

Ditl's best friend is Jaswick Downhill, the pistol wielding halfling coachman for Wörden Coaches. When Ditl is not wooing a young woman with tales of outlaws hung or bested by his tracking and beastman killed or maimed by his crossbow, he can be found telling ribald jokes and drinking his betters under the table in a smoke filled snug with Jaswick and Stirland roadwardens. His infectious laugh is recognized by many, especially the ladies that he can't escape.

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