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M is for Master Vigilant, Lucas Tauberwasser, Magister of Ulgu, The Grey Order

There are many secret organizations in the Old World. We know that many are tempted by the allure of promises by the Ruinous Powers into hidden rooms, but we are often not aware of those that work in secret to protect us from powerful temptation of corruption in magical power.

Master Vigilant Lucas Tauberwasser entered The Grey Order as a teen. The son of a high ranking officer in Elector Countess Emmanuelle von Leibwitz personal police, Lucas grew up listening to quiet whispers in his father's study about the many threats to the Countess' life that found way to his desk from seemingly hundreds of informants. When Lucas' nascent magical abilities began to manifest themselves, it was a simple matter for his father to find him scholarship with the Grey Order and admittance to the Ulgu school in Altdorf.

Magister Tauberwasser was a quick study. The Grey Order's Cryptoclastic Thaumaturgy is the very weaving of the magical winds for illusion and concealment. His background would soon land him in good standing with the Order of Shadows.

The nature of Ulgu is such that its practitioners are spies and assassins. The illusionary affects can often provide the sorts of magics that can cover up crimes against the Emperor and even the very order itself. 

And such is the need for the Order of Shadows. Not unique to the College of the Grey Order in practice as often all schools of magic can harbor those that seek to use magic for the Ruinous Powers, however Ulgu makes the policing of those that practice the magics far more dangerous.

Today, there are few alive that know Magister Tauberwasser's true appearance; his father dead, no siblings, and many of his classmates in military service to Ulgu,  the Emperor, or dead...possibly by Tauberwasser's own hand for unknown and unspoken crimes. The nature of his position in so secretive that Grey Order's Patriarch can only know that if he must to contact Magister Tauberwasser he needs only turn the pyramid shaped paperweight on his desk to point to the window. When the paperweight is returned to its original position the Patriarch is to inscribe his request on a single sheet of paper and burn it, placing it in the fireplace. The patriarch is unsure of the means of this magic and the delivery of the message, but his Master Vigilant always completes the task asked of the Order of Shadows.

Often this task a simple: the Order of Shadows is must act: kill or pacify a corrupted Apprentice or Journeyman Wizard of Ulgu. It is not unheard of that a Master Wizard must be dealt with, but for the integrity College and the Grey Order the work is necessary.

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