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J is for Jailor, Deiter Narbe, "The Scar"

Deiter Narbe earns his surname: known by those that work with and drink with him as "The Scar," His once broken nose sits askew his face, framed on the left side by a poorly healed scar where the decade old injury opened his sinuses.

Deiter grew up in the streets of Middenheim, born to a brewer and his wife. Deiter's father was widowed--to hear him tell his patrons at the ramshackle roof and door tavern where he sells his ales Deiter's mother's death a blessing of Ulric for her to have passed before the Storm of Chaos.

Deiter works for the city watch in the over crowded gaol of the Altquarter near the watch house of the East Gates. His current job is to feed the prisoners their gruel. While serving the scum in the gaol is awful enough, at least his charge is not to clean the cells of filth, waste or bodies. He just wishes that the wretches in charge of that task would come more often. The stench really does nothing for the taste of the gruel.

Deiter's time off is spent at his father's "tavern," drinking the house ales and managing a side business: taking calls from distraught wives, lovers, or business associates of his gaoled charges. The fees are nominal: buy the next round for simple word that the receipiant is not forgotten or loved, five schillings for a letter, six for better food (must be provided) or a pint of ale--Deiter has taken to carrying a skin of his father's ale to work, making the effort all profit for him.

And yet more recently, after the Storm of Chaos broke on the walls of Middenheim last year, a wanderlust has taken hold of mind and spirit. Tales from the drunk tank or bounty hunters dropping off or picking up tell of game filled woods, shining cities and riches to be earned as a sellsword or guide have awakened an imagination of adventure in the wake of a war torn Empire.

He has saved a considerable sum in his side business. Deiter knows that only his skills keep him in Middenheim. He has never tracked game in the woods or wielded a sword in a fight. Even during Archaon's siege, Deiter was busy in the gaol; a gaol overcrowded with dying flagellants and doomsayers; an overzealous watch herded these barkers into the gaols to keep a modicum amount of order on the streets.

Deiter has made many loose friends from his courier work and befriended still more that speak friendly of him in the gaol and after release--if so lucky. He has also recently made friends with halfling going by the name Downhill at the tavern. Downhill promises to write a letter of reference to a coach line looking for muscle. He has also learned that coaching inns often need gaolers with experience and pay handsomely for the right person with the skills and experience working with watchmen, road wardens, or other judicial types. Maybe his skill are useful and getting out of Middenheim easier than first thought.

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Comment: Roger at Thu, 11 Apr 12:48 AM

Or maybe a professional jailor is needed to transport a prisoner to another city...

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