Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I is for Ice Maiden, Beledna "Belinka" Evelinavnuka Skvorskov

Beledna, grand-daughter of Evelina Skvorskov, or just Belinka to her mother, is a woman scorned and a formidable nascent witch.

Belinka was born to an Ice Witch on the Western Oblast near a small winter trading outpost on the what is known as the Kislev Verge. The trading outpost was also the home to a traveling circus troupe from Ferlangen in Ostland. All the unique and colorful goods fetched high prices by the wives and men of the oblast.

Belinka was a fetching young woman and her handsome lover tall, well-bred, and respected on the plains. Belinka and Mikhail both came from single parent households, Mikhail's father dead, his mother losely connected to the coven of Belinka's mother. They were lovers and pledged to be married.

That was four years ago. Mikhail's eyes wandered to the attractions of an actress in the traveling circus. He would steal away from his kin, leaving Belinka. At first both her and her mother attempted to discourage Mikhail's interests with minor magics that would turn his eyes away, soon escalating to outright murder of the actress with magics that summoned snow and ice drifts that collapsed tents and fell trees. The acts only embolden Mikhail to escape what soon became abusive acts.

Belinka was left alone. She would immediately begin on her training as an Ice Witch. Apprenticing in her mother's coven, fueled by scornful heart she excelled at her studies and trials on the Western Oblast. She would soon pledge her chastity and become an Ice Maiden. 

While her heart is fueled by desire to find her ex-lover Mikhail she has resigned to never see the tall, handsome, raven haired hunter again. The winds speak mixed messages that he met an honorable death at Middenheim when the forces of Chaos broke on the Faustschlag or he wallows in the gutters of Altdorf, reduced to a thief. Unsure of which is a worse fate for Mikhail, she hunts greenskins in the Grovod Wood, returning to her mother's coven to prove herself in new trials to become a full Ice Witch.

Her mother is often known to tell her that mastery of the Lore of Ice will only come when she releases the harbored hate for Mikhail. Belinka's vow of chastity cannot be released until she can master the magics of her mother's coven.

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