Tuesday, 9 April 2013

H is for Horned Hunter, Van Garten

Van was born in Vateresche, a Taalbaston--the near 20 mile diameter, naturally walled, interior remnants of a crater--village of Talbecland. Located in the heart of the Taalgrunhaar Forest, Vateresche is home to a thriving lumber and charcoal community supplying raw goods to Talabheim, the seat Talbecland's Elector Count, and surrounding Taalbaston villages.

Born to a family of charcoal burners, Van would often work the shallow underground furnaces with his brothers and father. Yet he was also raised by a devout mother to honor Rhya, the goddess and wife the woodland god Taal. It was a chance encounter with a monstrous mutant beast capable of uprooting trees with a single blow and his father's selfish indifference of seeing each tree felled as a tree he didn't have to cut down that changed Van forever. Running to an empty charcoal pit and hiding from the monster, Van watch a pair of Horned Hunters slay the beast as his brother's prayed for protection and his father counted trees for charcoal.

Van vowed to join the order of Horned Hunters to protect the forests from the abominations of Tzeentch, the ruinous god of change. He ran into the forest the next evening on the regular trip to the furnaces. Van soon found the Horned Hunters and pledged to join the order.

Van submitted to a mentor known as Neidhart. Neidhart saw the fervor of Van's heart and immediately began his induction. Eschewing all civilized trappings Neidhart found the runaway an easy initiate as he arrived with only the clothes on his back and a desire to protect the forest from all evils, real or perceived. Neidhart set about with the ritual tattooing of Van and teaching Van the simple faith of the Horned Hunters: Serve the Forest, and the Forest shall serve you.

But Neidhart also instilled a zeal for protecting the forest from even those that worked the forest for a living. Van soon was quietly fighting woodsmen, game hunters, and even his own family's charcoal burning business.

Neidhart has released Van to find the sacred shrines of Rhya and Taal in the Tallbaston to prove his initiation into the order of the Horned Hunters. Neidhart fully expects Van to survive this trial, but has also suggested that any mills or charcoal furnaces destroyed are prerequisites to full initiation.

Van is quietly earning his own moniker in Vateresche, Van the Traitor Axe. However, there are those that claim to have seen Van also dispatching a rare beastman in the forest. Van's skills and mentorship will likely have him soon succeeding in the initiation rites, but also are likely to earn him a price on his head... along side Neidhart the Axeman's Bane own bounty.

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Comment: Marc at Tue, 9 Apr 10:35 PM

NICE! i think I may have this guy turn up next time I get some fools... sorry I mean brave souls to venture into Talbecland...

Comment: Gwen Gardner at Tue, 9 Apr 10:45 PM

Van is sort of like a modern day activist. Save the trees! It would be a sad world without them.

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