Monday, 8 April 2013

RSS A-to-Z bonus material

If you're following my A-to-Z posts and play Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, be sure to check out the RSS feed in your favorite reader.

Each career focused entry contains a completely stated Non-Player Character for your game or enjoyment.

Of course, I'll put these in the final retrospective document at the end of April as well, so even if you don't play WFRP, you might enjoy the character abilities, etc.

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Comment: Anthony N. emmel at Thu, 11 Apr 3:31 PM

Ah, thanks! I don't do RSS feeds ;) so I'll wait happily for teh pdf at the end. :)

Comment: Tim at Thu, 11 Apr 3:37 PM

Anthony, yeah... something going on with RSS in the general community. With Google dropping Reader is begs a question of whether they are aware of some larger trend that has not revealed itself, or they are the bellwether of an end to RSS consumption.

I need to blog more to make my RSS feed more valuable I believe. April is my business month. I always promise more blogging at the end of A-to-Z, but fail...miserably so.

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