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G is for Ghost Strider, Aensanaine Soaringsun, High Elf

Sea Elves--Asur, or High Elves by any name other than their chosen profession as master sailors and traders--have numerous communities along the coasts of the Empire and Bretonnia. It is not unheard of that in such quartering, often measured in human generations given the long life spans of Elves, Elven partners will have children.

These children, far from the cultural norms of Ulthuan--the High Elf homeland--will seek adventures amongst the human society that surrounds them. Whether under protest by the parents or with a laissez-faire attitude, young elves will venture far into the wilderness of the Empire and other nations seeking knowledge or experience.

Aensanaine Soaringsun is such an elf. Born to two highly placed merchants in Marienburg guilds, Aensanaine has led a human lifetime of adventure across the Empire. In her early lessons at home she would learn of her kin the Asrai, or Wood Elves, and the related High Elf woodland clans of the Drakwald in the heart of the Empire. Not a runaway as much as "not currently interested in her parents work," after all she would learn that she was all but immortal by human understanding of time, "Why not see the elves that lived in the woods?"

And such began her journey to her current position as one of the most sought after guides of the Drakwald by Empire merchants, Imperial generals and curious crypto wizards. While but an child in the eyes of most elves at 42 years, she has gained invaluable experience under many human tutors for skills all necessary for survival in the dangerous wildernesses that encroach or hold at bay human settlement.

Those that know her will say that she can shoot a quiver of arrows in the time it takes a master to empty a third. Her aim is deadly and her charges never starve for game on long treks. Her skill at tracking and light foot has often cost many a heartbeat when she appears from shadows without a sound. 

At first a causal hire to patrol the forested stretches for bandits, beastmen, and greenskins with an official paper allowing discretion on summary judgements, Aensanaine used her position to hone her skills to a razor's edge. But a misstep almost cost her life if she had not heard the gallops of the roadwardens on the road ahead. Chased by several bull headed beast men, she lead them into the road where they were dispatched by Captain Jörg Schmidt, his men and the few arrows she had left.

Aensanaine currently enjoys the hospitality, and bed, of the dashing and handsome Captain Schmidt of the Talbecland roadwardens based out of Lieske and the large coaching inn of Taal's Bowers. The Old Forest Road bisects the province of Talbecland north to south and is heavily traveled affording her many opportunities to redouble her constant training as a "ghost strider," riding far ahead of coaches to lessen the chances of bandits or worse. She is paid well for these services and often turns the information gained in the effort into a secondary line of work that enriches the coffers of the road wardens, innkeepers and other interested parties. Such practices she learned from her father... maybe returning to Marienburg and her parents line of work is not too many years off.

There is the matter of the captain's growing love however.

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