Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Chronicles Remastered

Six! Six years ago--damn time truly flies--I blogged about The Chronicles, a c. 1988 college produced, Canadian-made, radio play that takes place in the Traveller game world.

I was just a tad bit snarky about the radio play. The post was made in good fun and was constructive criticism as much snark. Now, I have never made a radio play, but I did spend 10 years in film and TV production--on set and as a producer--so I have some idea of what it takes to produce a successful product.

Traveller is finally out in a fifth edition. Funded as a Kickstarter, earning nigh $300,000!, Traveller 5 rewards are being delivered and a recent unboxing was posted on G+ via YouTube.

I commented on the unboxing after seeing a comment from a Jon Woodland that suggested he supported the Kickstarter just to be sure that the name "Ted D. Flask" would be recorded on the Galaxiad Wall Of Heroes, an iconic memorial in the Traveller universe.

I immediately recognized the name and commented that an honorific to Ted D. Flask is 1) awesome, 2) that I loved the "good, cheesy fun" that The Chronicles provides for Traveller fans and then 3) linked to the above snarky blog post. As it turned out, Jon was a producer of The Chronicles in 1988! and he was familiar with my blog post.

Jon reports "I read that review and agree. We were young and techno-drunk but we had so much fun putting it together. I did a remastered version from the original 4 track in 2008." As soon as I get permission to share the link to the remastered version, I'll update this post.

If you have not heard the work before, consider a listen. It really is inspiring on many levels. The technology exists today to produce radio plays of this sort on every computer for those that have the creative leanings and desire. $WFRP2$ radio play? Sure. D&D? Absolutely.

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Comment: Roger at Sun, 7 Apr 3:41 AM

You should totally get a WFRP radio play going. Count me in if at all possible.

Comment: Marc at Sun, 7 Apr 10:26 PM

A WFRP radio play? Oooh...

Did I mention I am a theater director and writer?

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