Friday, 5 April 2013

E is for Essen, Village of The League of Ostermark

Essen is a small village of some 90 farmers and distillers in The League of Ostermark, bordering the County of Sylvania.

To the south lies the Dead Wood, home to the ruins of Mordheim and the remnants of VanHal's retinue of undead slaves and the wights, ghouls, zombies and leaderless skeletal remains of scattered armies from the Storm of Chaos in 2522 IC. To the north, the Eirie Downs is a terrain of rolling hills, high grasses, and barrows to kings long forgotten and evils that do not wish to be.

It is said that Essen is the most haunted village in the Empire and a great many exaggerations can be heard by visitors of just how haunted. The reputation of Essen precedes it when discussed in even the politest company and does the village no favors in attracting more that transient residents: cryptonecromancers, witch hunters, and even Ostermark's own famed vampire hunters. However, this transient crowd has led to a vibrant spirits industry fed by its largely agriculturally leaning residents. The pun is not lost on anyone and is sure to get you a grumble, a surcharge, or even a black eye, in the taverns and inns

Some of the finest potato vodka comes from Essen's small distilleries and is sought after by many, especially in the northern villages closest to Kislev.

The Storm of Chaos last year largely left Essen unscathed, if wary of even the slightest "bump in the night." Sylvanian armies mustered in the Dead Wood and marched east through Talabecland to Middenheim. The Dead Wood only rightfully earns its name, even after the "storm broke in the west."

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