Thursday, 4 April 2013

D is for Dilettante, Saissa Jean-Aubry

Siassa was born to a merchant family in Bordeleaux, Bretonnia. A peasant by any other measure and a woman by all laws. Her future did not promise much other than the promise of a dowry.

Her mother soon recognized that her interests did not lie in clothing and spending her father's money, but in her father's business. Siassa would follow her father to the warehouses in the merchant quarters of Bordeleaux. Doted on by her father, she began learning everything about the exchange of goods and the cultures that dealt with Bretonnia.

In the warehouses, hidden from the prying eyes of zealots, she learned about cultures from around the globe. In hidden, sometimes smoky rooms--especially from Cathy--the world's cultures came alive. Exotic languages would be spoken, exotic liquids poured, exotic spices and food served, and small shrines to venerated souls or even heretical gods would be displayed. This was what life was like in the warehouses, where each trader doing business with her father would cling to their traditions and homeland in small, but important ways.

Saissa would hear stories of denied races, like the Skaven, from merchants far and Dwarves closer, learn a few words in Nipponese, Sea Elf!, and Orcish, or hear of the black arks of the Druchii and even whispers of the dark gods.

In the warehouses she would meet Verenean Investigators--that had befriended her father or others--recording stories and cultures in great tomes. She even learned to read and write from the Vereneans. Her father encouraged it all, until her mother required her at cotillion.

She abhorred the ritual, but she obeyed her mother, then she met Ugs Nivard. Ugs was a minor noble in Bordeleaux and cotillion was his chance to find a wife of near status, if a peasant by birth. Ugs arrogance was not subtle. Saissa overheard the argument and the relenting--albeit with much reluctance--of her father to her mother's argument: nobility and status was worth any dowry for the hand of Siassa.

Begging passage with a Verenean Investigator to the Silent Isle and the libraries of the Cult of Verena in the monastery of Cult of Manann, Siassa ran away.

She has spent nearly six years on the island and off, traveling with Verenean Investigators and Priests to many great cities of Bretonnia, always returning to the books in the library, a little more knowledgable, but always in quiet study on the isle, and always hiding from her parents and Ugs.

Recently, she has heard that the abbot at Pointe du Flambeau Silencieux has been causing the silence of the isle to be lifted. Siassa has charmed the old abbot of the lighthouse and prayed with him, hoping to hear the waves crashing or even his prayers. She visits the Wave Lord Isodard Gumy as often as he can welcome her, but has yet to experience the awakening of the island her Verenean friends have written about. Yet.

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