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B is for Black Water

Black Water1 lies in the World's Edge Mountains east of the Grand County of Stirland.

With a shore line extending some 300 miles as measured by Hr. S. Kaplin, Cartographer of Stirland, it is an impressive sight to see from the upper levels of Zhufbar, the famed dwarven hold.

Dwarven lore tells historians that Black Water is the crater formed by a meteor that came down in the higher reaches of the surrounding mountains. The crater soon filled with ice melt from the peaks forming one of the deepest natural lakes known in the world. The water would soon overflow the crater and spill into the surrounding valleys. Zhufbar, meaning Torrent Gates in Khazalid, was founded and built by the dwarves to harness the great energies of the waterfalls. The waterfalls power huge mining and processing machines of Zhufbar that enrich all of the dwarven kingdoms.

Black Water itself is legendary for possessing some of the richest ore and gemstone deposits in the mountains. It is also the home of untold mysteries and terrors in its darkest depths. Abandoned prospector settlements lie scattered on the shores, the inhabitants known to have left unable to adapt to the harsh conditions, terrorized by greenskins, or just "all gone"... vanished from one day to the next.

Most travelers are welcomed to the upper reaches of Zhufbar where a thriving trading community works and lives. It is the first stop for those brave enough to scratch out a living along the shores. Recently, traders have spoken that the dwarves have restricted passage over the Torrent Gates to points east, prodding adventurous souls south and toward the lost hold of Karak Varn, or Crag Mere. Reasons remain unknown to most.

Herr Kaplin, while making maps for Stirland, tells of rumors that the dwarves are planning on mining Black Water itself. Whispers of a great steel sphere being constructed in a brackish stillwater on the shore are heard by many in taverns of Zhufbar, especially when the infamous name Malakai Makaisson is mentioned. Others talk of Malakai Makaisson's obsession to recover the powerful hammer of Runelord Kadrin Redmane. Redmane tossed his hammer far into Black Water to prevent its capture by an ambushing regiment of Goblin Warlord Gorkil Eyegouger's army during the Battle of Black Falls.

  1. [1] Map excerpt © Shawn Brown

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