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A is for Abbot Isodard Gumy, Wave Lord of Manann, Pointe du Flambeau Silencieux, Silent Isle

Pointe du Flambeau Silencieux, or Point of the Silent Torch, is a small abbey to Manann atop the western most cliffs of the Silent Isle off the coast of Bordeleaux.

Isodard is the restless and animated Abbot to a small, faithful, if sometimes lazy, group of monks that operate the lighthouse in the abbey. He can often be seen marching through the courtyard of the abbey waving his hands and shouting loudly if the monks seem to be shirking their duties. Only his stomping, shouting, slamming of doors, forcibly closing tomes, and purposely tossing empty wine bottles to his office hearth is all for naught. For no sound can ever be heard on the Silent Isle.

Isodard Gumy's journey to his position is not as much politically earned as expedient. He is probably one of the greatest sailors Bordeleaux has ever known. Isodard single handily navigated the Dragon's Maw by only the light of Mannslieb while carrying 200 barrels of wine from L'Anguille in a four day, three night run for the gambling Duke Adalhard of Lyonesse. His success was well rewarded and Isodard bought his ship. He was a successful merchant for sometime, but he was a changed man. He entered the Manann priesthood and began preaching along the coast of Bretonnia.

A recognizable name soon found him on the great floating temple to Manann near Bordeleaux where he was often given audience to Dukes, Grail Knights and all manner of nobility blessing shipping and travel. When a regular rotation of monks, initiates and Venerean priests struck rocks off the Silent Isle at the Pointe du Silencieux and all hands were lost, Isodard found new purpose in priesthood: championing common sense warning for seafarers.

Isodard begin politicking for a lighthouse on the point soon after the accident. He was anointed, transferred to the monastery, and charged with making the lighthouse a reality. He soon found how hard it was to get things done on an island where everyone took a vow of silence and had it enforced by the impossible and unexplainable magics (or curse) on the island that silenced all sound. 

He was able to fund the lighthouse from generous donations by Duke Adalhard. The Cult of Mannan also charged laborers and monks with building the lighthouse. The years of construction left Isodard a man with a short temper that often ended in great displays of anger in silent, animated, and thus comical, fits to the leaders of the monastery. 

Isodard was soon promoted to Abbot and given charge of the lighthouse, now officially recognized as an abbey by the cult. The point was renamed to Pointe du Flambeau Silencieux. 

Initiates and monks are often assigned to the abbey as punishment for Abbot Gumy is known to be a devout, powerful priest--some say speaking directly to the Wave God himself--and also a harsh taskmaster: maintenance of the abbey grounds is a full time job and the light must be manned every night, calm or stormy, sticky humid or icy cold.

Recently, Venerean monks on the island have been writing to cult leadership that in Isodard's presence sounds can be heard: footsteps, a door hinge, or when he sets a quill to blotter. A letter recently sent says that Isodard's prayers can be heard in the abbey and many of the monks assigned there come back telling of how during his prayers in the abbey chapel, waves can be heard crashing on the rocks below the lighthouse.

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