Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A to Z Careers

This year many of my entries will be based on Warhammer Fantasy Role Play careers. The Career system in WFRP is a central game mechanic and is the framework by which players advance.

If you don't play Role Playing Games, e.g., Dungeons & Dragons or WFRP or a myriad of others, you might not think this A-to-Z will be worthy of a read. Do not be fooled. If you like fantasy of a grim and perilous kind, I think you will certainly enjoy the month of April at ACD.

I won't focus much on the mechanics of the game, but instead present some faraway places and characters in iconic and lesser known careers for your enjoyment (and possible use in your favorite game).

If you play 2nd Edition WFRP you will certain enjoy the provided character sheets when appropriate, Note the following to temper expectations:

  • Each character will have a detailed background
  • Career Advancements will be fully completed where appropriate
  • Not all advancements may be taken, but all noted with by dots (.) or colons (: for two dots)
  • Trappings will not be detailed

I'm looking forward to the start of A-to-Z. Are you?

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Friday, 22 March 2013

Blogging A to Z 2013

The Blogging A to Z challenge is around the corner. 26 entries throughout the month of April. My biggest traffic month...and something tells me I really need to start being better about blogging and writing. I'm told I'm fairly-to-middln', especially about gaming in the Warhammer Fantasy Role Play universe.

This year I'm going to act alone. I've thought about many of the entries and the underlying theme. Role Playing Games, RPGs, are about imagination, creativity, and sometimes about exploration. Maybe that exploration is a character trait, lifestyle or a place.

2013 will be a little bit of all three. WFRP is rich with characters and dynamic locations, all of it bounded up in a game mechanic called the Career. Players chose character careers and game experiences drive that character's "career path" with the help of a Game Master, stories and events.

So watch for a lot of careers, the characters in them and a little of their life story. In many ways this year's A-to-Z Challenge is going to be the long overdue NPC--non-player characters for those not familiar with the term--project I blathered about a number of years ago. Yet don't expect 26 NPCs, there will be locations as well. And when I get to those hard letters... watch out!

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