Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Shadowrun hack art

Mike Evans over at Wrath of Zombie is publishing a Shadowrun hack of ... aw hell, I don't know what the system is, maybe he'll chime in.

I contributed some art to the project. The first piece I think I might actually have printed (electronically at the very least) in something I didn't personally oversee, e.g., at the table with my friends during Pathfinder doodling comical depictions of play like gelatinous cubes with dolphins inside them.

I need practice, but I don't think it turned out to badly:

The image Rooftop Watch is released under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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Friday, 11 January 2013

Morrslieb's Shadow (Session 4)

We met on last night for Session 4 of Morrslieb's Shadow (also variously known as The Shadows of Morrslieb, Helmgart Withers, or The Ruins of Groz Zorn which is more me trying on different names like JRRT for Gandalf).

The session was great. Thanks to Douglas P., Roger B. and Thomas B. for bringing their A-games to the virtual tabletop. The "naked Dwarf" in WFRP took on new meaning last night and Thomas' Knight Errant may never wish to eat small pickles again.

Session 4

The heroes opened in the main chamber of the ruins, an under mountain convent dedicated to Valaya, the Dwarf goddess of Home, Clan and Health, where they left off in Session 3, Tibalt1 shining his lantern down a hall wall ending at two large doors. Udrin2 and Mordrin3, each tending wounds from the fight with the Giant Spider, along with Ella4 aided by the light of the lantern, followed Tibalt to the doors.

Inspection5 of the massive wooden doors revealed once elegant reliefs and runes had been savagely vandalized. Pressing on the doors proved they still swung easily on the masterly crafted iron hinges to reveal a desecrated statue of Valaya on a vandalized dias. Ella ran to the dias and began weeping6. Her inspection quickly deduced that followers of Hashut, the Father of Darkness, ruinous god of the Chaos Dwarfs of the Dark Lands. Crudely plated in black iron and spikes, runes of dedication defaced and remade in Hashut's honor. 

After a moment to collect herself, Ella returned to the search for the book that would possibly save Helmgart. Only she had lost a part of herself to the blasphemy witnessed in the ruins. She ran through a doorway to what turned out to be the remains of a ransacked library. The party followed quickly. In the hurried effort it went unnoticed that the room was littered with fungus spore pods. Ella, on her hands and knees and oblivious to the spore, was quickly covered. Mordrin found himself walking into several pods. Tibalt froze and Udrin retreated to the hall, standing well clear of the room. And so began the inconvenient itching of Kruts, the fungus thought to have been brought down from the mountains by dwarf herdsman and often thought to come from relations with goats!

Mordrin suddenly found himself irrepressibly itching at Ella's itching. Ella being covered in the spores was itching her bosom, her hair, her ... well, itching all over and at the worse times. Mordrin's itching may not have been any different that his regular itching, if more often.

The book not found, the party began knocking down doors, exploring the ruins more throughly. After finding a door barred from the inside, Tibalt7 also found the body of dwarf in the corner. It took a closer look8 by Udrin to find the poison vial and the tome hidden behind the body of the dead dwarf. Ella quickly identified the book as the one they all sought. By this time Tibalt and Mordrin had ventured down a longer hall. When Udrin joined them he spotted movement at the far end, a single goblin hiding, trapped in a dead end, hoping to go unnoticed.

A short fight ended with Mordrin literally caving the ribcage in of the gobo with his acquired choppa'. The goblin's only valuable: a necklace of small fleshly objects resembling pickles.9

The party returned to searching rooms, ending in a large room with an ornate bannister guarding a stairwell to deeper rooms. The party considered the choice, only Ella revealed a panic to return to Helmgart. She revealed that the Shallyan's were actually Plague Wardens10. Helmgart would be cleansed by fire if the tome was not recovered and a cure to the plague found. They could not tarry in the ruins any longer lest the Plague Wardens declare the mission a failure.

The party abandoned the ruins returning to the quarry high above Helmgart. As they reached the quarry the sky took on a sickly purple glow as the waxing gibbous form of Morrslieb rose over the Grey Mountains. Udrin advised retreating to the foreman's hut in the quarry. Inside, Udrin suggested making a poultice from the stove ashes for Ella and Mordrin. Ella stripped naked, having lost a certain amount of modesty, Mordrin the same, but not for lack of modesty. Tibalt made a fire in the stove and Mordrin looked for clothes that the quarry refugees may have left.

Mordrin instead found that the eviscerated victims of the greenskins, under the light of Morrslieb, struggled to escape their butchering bonds in the crane house11. Mordrin retreated to tell the party as the silent forms crashed to the floor in escape. Udrin immediately set to lighting pitch covered arrows and torching the crane house, trapping all but one undead. Trailing guts and viscera the zombie met the blades of Mordrin and Tibalt.

As the fire burned the crane house to the foundation, growing hotter, Mordrin took the opportunity to sear his naked body in the heat, hoping to rid himself of the Kruts. The sickly sweet smell of burning hair wafted to the hut. Tibalt threw Mordrin's and Ella's clothing in the fire just as Ella cut the canvas of a refugee leanto in the quarry yard into a crude toga, all the while itching.

The party retired to the hut. Morrslieb high over the valley.

  1. [1] Tibalt, Knight Errant, played by Thomas B.

  2. [2] Udrin, Elf Student, played by Douglas P.

  3. [3] Mordrin, Dwarf Trollslayer, played by Roger B.

  4. [4] Ella, priestess of Valaya, NPC

  5. [5] Basically, a lot of failed rolls, with the Elf trying to add thoughts on Dwarven religious symbols, of which he really knew nothing. I added +10% to the rolls and they really could only tell that someone really hacked the hell out of the doors.

  6. [6] Ella is a passionate priestess. She failed her Terror Test and snapped in the face of desecration. She did make her Dwarf Common Knowledge test and was able to determine the symbolisms of the vandals.

  7. [7] Tibalt really didn't bother searching the rooms he entered (not by active voice at least).

  8. [8] It was Udrin that quickly began kicking and inspecting the rooms for stuff, particularly books, of which he began quietly slipping into his backpack when Ella was not looking.

  9. [9] I said "gherkin" when I meant jerkin describing the armor of the gobo, and thus was created the pickle necklace.

  10. [10] It took Tibalt passing a Shallyan lore test, being from Bretonnia and home of the cult, to make the threat of the Plague Wardens real and not the rantings of a mad NPC. See Tome of Salvation for details on the Plague Wardens.

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