Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Don't miss out on the Larry Elmore Kickstarter

Larry Elmore's Kickstarter for The Complete Elmore Artbook ends in 4 days. Have you pledged yet? If not, consider doing so soon.

At $49 you'll get the 304 page coffee table book, six (6) prints of his most iconic works, the Basic, Expert and Companion D&D box art pieces and the original Dragonlance trilogy covers (Autumn, Winter and Spring) and a 64+ page soft back sketch book. For another $25 to your pledge, you'll get an original Elmore dragon sketch!

There is no question that Larry Elmore's art was significantly influencing to the RPG hobby and its ancillary works. The Red Box barbarian (anachronistic horned helm and fur loin cloth included) charging the dragon in his hold, the gold hoard just reward for the bravery, captured my imagination out of the gate.

Needless to say, I'm very excited about this Kickstarter and equally excited about its success!

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