Thursday, 3 May 2012

So, what about other games you may ask?

There should be no question about my allegiances to WFRP. Damn, I love the game, the setting, and--to be specific--the system of WFRP 2e by Chris Pramas of Green Ronin.

It was the clear love of WFRP that Chris Pramas put into the game as noted in the last pages of the core rulebook that led me to take a look at Chris' other work at Green Ronin. While I'm not much for d20 and equally ho-hum about supers games, Green Ronin's work on Dragon Age and the Adventure Gaming Engine was a home run.

Dragon Age and AGE hit a lot of nostalgia buttons for me. The box sets. The level pacing by box. The dark fantasy setting of Dragon Age the video game by BioWare. And the simplicity of AGE as well as its ability to capture the dynamic, exciting, and explosive powers of the video game in "stunts." If you haven't checked out Dragon Age, you should. The final box set is in queue for release. Add that AGE is being rolled out to other titles and genres.

On the rules light, old school touchy-feely side of things, I have recently found Heroes Against Darkness (HAD) by Justin Halliday. This free, I said FREE, game is just... well, amazing.

HAD weighs in at 230 pages. A lot you might think for a rules light system. However, a players & game master guide and a bestiary are included. As well as full guide to understanding the elements of a fantasy setting rooted in a historical presentation that allows a campaign to organically grow in the sandbox. Justin even provides a 28 page solo adventure, The Sundered Tower, reminiscent of the D&D Red Box of old.

HAD feels like Justin channeled several concepts from Dragon Age, D&D BECMI, even D&D 4e (with HP Rallying, e.g., Healing Surges) into a homebrew, d20 light system, and yet players can get started in 10 minutes. The Level 10 ceiling (as presented) passes the "Hero in a Tavern" test (some might know this test as E6). PC powers/feats are detailed out to Level 20, again a feature I might attribute to E6 (where after Level 6, PCs gain feats, nothing more). Justin's channelling is presented in a professional layout with artwork 
evocative of the heroic and gritty world of heroes against darkness. The PDF is so nice, one wants to cough up the dollars to have it bound.

Did I mention that HAD was FREE?

And I have other game passions. Pathfinder captures my current high fantasy imaginations. I desperately want to play the Pathfinder Beginner Box with my daughter. Twilight:2000 still captures my crunchy rules, raised during the Cold War, apocalyptic, Chernobyl ruins at every crossroad dread, And if I could get a copy of TMNT&OS... I might be intrigued by Supers again. Maybe.
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