Friday, 27 April 2012

X is for Xnen'Ledh, Lesser Daemon of Slaanesh

It is said that every being has a True Name. Knowing the true name of any beast, man, elf, dwarf, or halfling is said to grant complete power over of that being. In matters of magic and the Aethyr this knowledge is sought after often at great expense and great punishment.

Xnen'Ledh1 is the true name of a Lesser Daemon of Slaanesh, the Chaos Lord--or Lady--of Pleasure, patron of all things beautiful and seductive. Xnen'Ledh is actually two beings, Xnen and Ledh, that go by the more common name of The Blonde Sisters. The name belies an insidious ensorcelling power to enthrall those that should cross Xnen'Ledh's path.

Xnen'Ledh presents a powerful illusion of normality that begins to fall as their thralls become more entwined in their seductive games. When the illusions fail, Xnen'Ledh's dark leathery wings are said to be first revealed. The thrall may now begin to understand that the dark angels have fully entwined them in a dark plot of which there is no escape but death. In the final form their opposite bone white pincers are revealed. It is often that the thralls find themselves at the end of their usefulness as the pincers cut deeply in a blood feast to Xnen'Ledh. A particularly useful and beautiful thrall might very well experience this death embraced by The Blonde Sisters in carnal finality that leaves the body a drained husk.

The Blonde Sisters are inseparable and readily identifiable by those knowing what to watch for. Xnen'Ledh travels to the great cities of the Old World using their tempting and seductive appearance to weave plots of such complexity no mortal could ever perceive the end game, all in service of Slaanesh.

  1. [1] 'X' seems to be the most difficult letter for WFRP A-to-Z. For me at least. Last year I created a Lustrian blood daemon. This year I went to the sourcebooks and created a "lesser daemon" using tools for game masters in the Tome of Corruption. Enjoy this additional piece of creativity.

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