Thursday, 26 April 2012

W is for Warpstone

Known more commonly in the Empire as wyrdstone, warpstone is an extremely dangerous mutagenic substance. It is an extremely rare ore said to be solid magic.

Its appearance in raw form is said to be varied, even shifting, in shape, but all accounts state that it possesses an inner glow of a sickly yellow-green. Scholars suggest that raw warpstone is the manifestation of all winds, or colors, of magic, constantly absorbing and radiating magic back into the environment. The property of absorbing magic appears to be its most dangerous aspect. Left to absorb, undisturbed, it becomes solid Dhar, or Dark Magic, and thus conveying its reputation as a mutagen.

While rare, it is highly sought after by magical scholars in study, often heretical study, alchemists in the transmutation of mundane elements to gold, and by the Skaven whom use it both as a drug and a tool in dark experiments biological and martial. The rarity, legend, and demand, make even small amounts highly valuable.

Whatever the origin--or availability--of wyrdstone, one only needs to know that it is highly toxic to all things, save the Skaven. No one curious about wyrdstone need look very far for written stories of those that have encountered the substance growing an eye in the palm of the hand touching it, or new mouths, or simply becoming a shifting mass of boneless flesh, sinew, and fluid. Fates all but possibly the last soon find their body and soul cleansed in fire, often tied to a stake.
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