Wednesday, 25 April 2012

X-Y-Z and something funny

The Blogging A-to-Z 2012 Challenge is wrapping up this week. ACD is ready with X, Y, and Z drafted or written and queued for GMT (and you were wondering why my daily posts seemed to drop a day ahead!).

Thanks again to Ben Scerri of versamus; we roll for helping out! He not only posted in my absence, but he suggested quite a few of the topics as we wind the challenge down. Visit his blog and encourage his muse. He's got some great gaming ideas for WFRP.

One thing that I love doing is looking at the query referrals from Google in my analytics. I always see a traffic spike in April in anticipation of the A-to-Z challenge. The traffic is nothing to trumpet, WFRP is a niche demographic after all, but the fiction can be compelling. Let's look at the top ten queries for April to date shall we:

  1. (not set)
  2. rpg whorehouse names
  3. brothel name generator
  4. pathfinder characters
  5. another caffinated day
  6. fantasy empire name generator
  7. free animal sex stories
  8. pathfinder ranger
  9. wfrp blog
  10. inns of the empire

So ACD is famous for brothels, whorehouses, and bestiality fanfic. Huh? #10 actual tells the larger story about all the brothels and whorehouses, it's my JavaScript WFRP coaching inn, tavern, hostel name generator (linked in the list for your ready use). I've highlighted other items that I find important to the success of ACD.

But the bestiality fanfic...odd. Is there a demand? Can I get paid instead of giving it away? I mean, if there's a demand...


It seems sometime in 2008 I had trackbacks unmoderated. A quick search of Google found the offending post. Over 40 bestiality links in the form of trackback spam! Corrected. Now to get Google to recrawl the entry. Wish I could have got a cut of what ever referrals those folks were getting!
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Comment: Lost Star at Thu, 26 Apr 8:52 PM

Funny post! I love seeing what gets people places online!

Just stopping by from the a-z! :D

Comment: Timothy Stone at Thu, 26 Apr 9:09 PM

Thanks for the comment and visit. "free animal ..." jumped two spots since yesterday, but "inns of the empire" went from #10 to #3. So I feel good about that. :)

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