Monday, 23 April 2012

T is for Teufelfeuer

Devil's Fire. Odd name for a settlement. Ironic that the settlement's name would be its fate as well.

In 2511, by the Imperial Calendar, Fabergus Heinzdork, witch hunter, templar for the Cult of Sigmar, burned Teufelfeuer to the ground and its settlers at the stake, to a dog, with it. The crime as summarily adjudicated by Herr Heinzdork? The village was rumored to have taken up the practice of eating raw meat. Heinzdork benignly questioned the settlers, but discreetly dispatched a rider officially requesting the settlement to be surrounded and quarantined. While waiting for his instructions to be carried out, Heinzdork also purchased much of the village's wine stores as Teufelfeuer was renown in the Empire for great wines--some might argue exceptional wines rivaling Bretonnia!

The settlement remained a charred and overgrown distraction on the road to Altdorf for several years. In 2215, the plot was resettled, some by relatives of the former settlers and new indentured families enlisted by entrepreneurs hoping to rebuild the vineyards that had fallen to neglect. Today, a full seven years later, the settlement is at best able to support subsistence farming and the vineyards still largely unproductive.

Whatever truth of the reasons for burning Teufelfeuer, the witch hunter's speculation on the wine made him rich for a short time and opened doors to politically connected priests in the Cult of Sigmar. Until the wine ran out. Then following a rather public paranoid ranting about corruption in the court of the Grand Theologist for the cult, Fabergus Heinzdork, was found crushed to death by his coach in the stables on his modest, but in great disrepair, estate. It was ruled an accident. Herr Heinzdork's estate was sold off to his numerous creditors.
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