Saturday, 21 April 2012

S is for Shallya

Shallya is the Goddess of Healing, Mercy and Childbirth. Often depicted as a young, beautiful, and crying maiden, Shallya is the daughter of Verena, Goddess of Learning and Justice and Morr, God of Death and Dreams.

Shallya is served in the Old World by a clergy of all women. The priestesses are hosts, caretakers, and healers in nearly all the shelters, orphanages and hospices of the Empire and beyond. These places serve and honor Shallya though the strict quiet and peace maintained in the service of those in need. Many priestesses are also midwives and hear prayers during childbirth or the planning of families. 

In the capacity as healers, the temples often see the injured in hospices and prayer rooms. For a small donation, many cuts, scrapes and broken bones receive care. For a more modest donation, intercession on behalf of Shallya may be provided in healing rites.

The Old World's armies recognize Shallya's importance in caring for soldiers and muster priestesses in field hospitals. Her priestesses know that while Shallya may not heal all from battle, they provide what comfort they can to the injured. They consider their most important task on the field of battle one of witnessing for peace through the goddess' symbol of the pure white dove.
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