Tuesday, 17 April 2012

O is for Ostland

Ostland is nigh synonymous in the Empire with the Forest of Shadows. Lying on the northern borders of the Empire beyond Middenheim, Ostland cradles the Middle Mountains in forest and wind swept grasslands before the borders of Kislev.

One approaching Ostland from passes over the Middle Mountains will often be struck by the awesome forests stretched out before them. Whether green in the spring and summer or bursting with colors in autumn, even the rich browns and grays of bare hardwoods in winter, are strikingly beautiful, especially to charcoal-burners. Unfortunately, Ostland's beauty from a distance hides the ugliness of war.

As Chaos hordes sweep down from the north, through Kislev, into the Empire in great campaigns of conquest--and then often in brutal retreat--Ostland suffers. Archaon's great campaign of 2522 IC ended in defeat at Middenheim and left Wolfenburg, the great capital of Ostland, in ruins. It is said over 90% of the population of Wolfenburg died in the siege. Camps of refugees still cling to the walls of the once great city. Archaon's armies in retreat left large number of stragglers in the ruins of Wolfenburg and new camps of both Empire sanctioned privateers as well as foolhardy treasure hunters seek to reclaim Wolfenburg for Emperor and Elector (or only part of it for riches).

Ostland's Elector has moved the government to the port city of Salkalten on the Sea of Claws where he pleads with Emperor for real troops to secure Wolfenburg. Unfortunately, the Emperor cannot spare more troops. Already several companies garrison the border with Kislev having followed the retreating Chaos armies to the border. More troops would only raise alarm in Kislev, already sensitive from previous Ostland claims on border territory.
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Comment: sharkbytes at Tue, 17 Apr 1:11 PM

Are these from a book you wrote, or something you like? I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet is at myqualityday.blogspot.com

Comment: Timothy Stone at Tue, 17 Apr 2:20 PM


Thanks! The all of our entries, Ben and mine, are drawn from Warhammer Fantasy Role Play canon, a table top roleplaying game. It has a rich library of dark humor dating back to the mid 80s. Stick around for more!

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