Wednesday, 11 April 2012

J is for Journeyman Wizard

Earning the status of Journeyman Wizard in one's Order is both freedom from and fealty to the Order.

As an apprentice, a wizard is assigned to a Master Wizard, dealing with burdensome course work and in constant study (as well as just running errands of the Master's choosing). When deemed by the Master to be ready for the level of Journeyman, wizards are licensed by the Order to practice its magic and instructed by the Master to study in "journey," bound by oath to remain more than fifty leagues from Master at all times.

In this capacity, the Journeyman Wizard remains a representative to the wider world of his Order. Transgressions of the Journeyman are reported directly to the Order and the wizard's Master can be held liable by law should the wizard find his or her self of interest to authorities, or worse, Witch Hunters.

Journeyman Wizards learn a trade, offer magical services, or seek adventure--often of a grim and perilous kind; for in great risk can be greater reward--and are eager savers of earnings. These savings are necessary, for at the end of a Journeyman Wizard's journey is re-admittance to the Order's College in Altdorf. This re-admittance is expensive, sometimes arbitrarily so based on the Master's assessment of the wizard, personal or family wealth, the journey, even the journey's length and its reward. Before becoming a Master Wizard themselves, Journeymen Wizards will be tested, both in mastery of the Order's wind and his mettle for the Order's politics.

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