Monday, 9 April 2012

H is for The Handmaidens

The eight winds of magic can be in harmony or discord. In harmony, the winds unlock High Magic, rumored to only wielded by the High Elf Masters. In discord the winds are unpredictable and known as Dhar or Dark Magic, but also easier to wield by man. In between exists the magic practiced by wizards of all orders and capabilities. Across this spectrum of magic it is easy for spells to go wrong.

A spell that goes wrong can have lasting impacts on the psyche of a wizard. Maybe subtle at first, but it is said that by releasing magical energies a wizard's lapsed training or concentration brought on by cracks in the psyche can conjure daemons that feed on a particular wizard's wind.

The Handmaidens are such a poltergeist of the Celestial and Gold wizards, masters of Azyr or Chamon winds. It is rumored The Handmaidens are the souls of burned witches. The sane, relative to how long the wizard has been visited by The Handmaidens, say they first hear The Handmaidens as wings flapping or talons tapping or scraping. Soon, The Handmaidens begin appearing in doorways, windows and portals as feathered and blind shades. Wizards haunted by The Handmaidens soon fear the sound and appearances as The Handmaidens eventually begin merciless attacks. Wizards that have been haunted, some finally insane from attacks, or driven to their deaths, have been found bleeding, or bled, from hundreds of black iron nails embedded in their flesh.

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