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D is for Daemon Slayer

If Blather is an iconic skill in WFRP, few careers paths in WFRP are more iconic than the Slayer career path taken by dwarfs of the Old World.

Slayers from the outside—the outside being merely anyone not seeking to charge a troll, giant, or daemon—are insane and impossible to miss in even the most crowded street of Altdorf. Typically, a slayer is seen only wearing a leather jerkin (or often bare chested) and sporting a stiff mohawk dyed in a flaming hue of orange. The Daemon Slayer represents the nigh failure of a lifetime seeking honor in death following a personal, even clan, shaming event.

Among dwarfs made a cuckold, displaying cowardice, breaking an oath, producing or showing poor craftsmanship or just being unable to clear one’s name of a crime, taking the Slayer's Oath is a path to redeeming one's honor. This is a sure route to death for the Oath has only one resolution: death in slaying the enemies of the dwarf race. These enemies include Trolls, Giants, and Daemons, the agents of the Ruinous Powers. Lesser enemies the likes of the rat race Skaven or allies of such enemies will meet the edge of a slayer's axe without consideration of ranking in the oath.

To be sure trolls get first attention. The massive greenskin creatures are aggressive terrors, above ground and moreso below ground in the dwarven holds of the Old World. Failing to find closure to his—even her—Slayer's Oath, a slayer often takes a new suicidal path seeking greater enemies, whether greater honor may be in debate, to satisfying the Slayer's Oath. The dwarf at the end of the path, surviving seemingly insurmountable odds, is the Daemon Slayer.

No manifestation of the Ruinous Powers embodies more terror in man. Yet the Slayers relish the chance to face them, seeking the corrupted wizards, necromancers, and Chaos' chosen warriors that daemons favor, or more likely manipulate for greater ends of destruction. On the battlefield, slayers will congregate, forming bare-chested assault platoons often charging directly at trolls, giants and daemon hoardes without command.

But while branded insane and found drunk, or on the way to drunk, and rightly so, a slayer's honor is without peer. A Daemon Slayer at your side in a venture fraught with the worse of peril is to know that 20 of the Empire's bravest could not match in bravery, if suicidal, or axe and sword.

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