Tuesday, 3 April 2012

C is for Crime

WFRP blogging A-to-Z continues at versamus; we roll by Ben Scerri. 

C is for Crime

As previously mentioned, the WFRP Blogging A-to-Z Challenge this year will joined by two other WFRP bloggers: JohnPaul Temple and Ben Scerri of Our Thousand Thrones and versamus; we roll, respectively. This takes the WFRP A-to-Z international, down under and back to its roots our own "old world." It may seem that some letters get ahead of themselves, but all times are GMT... so jump in your TARDIS to tomorrow, if only for few a few hours!

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Working out some international kinks

This year I'm working with two international bloggers for Blogging A-to-Z. Time zones and date lines make one wish for a TARDIS.

If you saw "C is for ..." prematurely, apologies. I timed my entry posting earlier than our entry host planned (even though it is "tomorrow" for him).

That corrected, I think we worked out the kinks.

Back to the regularly scheduled programming and what-not.
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