Sunday, 1 April 2012

A is for Azyr

Scholars are drawn to the words: Astrometeorological Thaumaturgy, the magic of the stars. Masters of the Blue Wind of Magic, Azyr, are the Astromancers, or as the commoner might say, white knuckled and sweating in fear of a darker future glimpsed in a black irises of a passing master of the blue wind, Celestial Wizards.

Astromancers or Celestial Wizards are adept star readers, weather manipulators, and tellers of the future (to insult them is to toss them in lot with Strigany charlatans called "fortune tellers"). They are most often seen in Altdorf in clean and, often of the finest cloth, tailored midnight blue robes; such are the rewards to apprentice, journeyman and master astromancer alike in the employ of the rich seeking knowledge of the future. Both a boon and curse, astromancers are duty bound to honesty and complete transparency. To learn the hour and circumstance of your sponsor's death must be told, if asked.

Astromancers look for signs in all things around, above and below. The Celestial College's most public of tomes, if only for the magics most common use, describe Elemental, Mystical and Cardinal schools.

A practitioner of the Elemental school is known to conjure storms of electrical energies from the very Aethyr, fierce winds, even curse and doom persons. Mystics are masters of precognition, even minor abilities have been witnessed in speaking with birds or causing the sun to break on a rainy day. Cardinal astromancers mix the mystical practices with the elemental, striking a fearful balance often sought on the battlefields of the Old World.

The Celestial College in Altdorf is known for its stringent admission exam, though rarely are those with the Aethyric abilities outright dismissed, remedial education may be in order. However, strong relations with the Order of Light will often find wanting applicants with a letter of introduction to the Order. Astromancers also enjoy excellent relations with the Cult of Verena, many Celestial Wizards being faithful adherents to the cult.

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